I saw Dr. Merritt for hip pain which was bothering me for my whole first year in college.  I saw my family physician, sports medicine doctor, a major Boston hospital where I got cortisone injections and physical therapy all of which gave me little relief.  After a few visits with Dr. Merritt the hip pain was minimal.  I'm very pleased with my progress with Dr. Merritt and have returned to physical activity with no restrictions!


With a herniated L-4 and L-5, I was told that surgery was my best option. Luckily, and at the last minute, I was referred to Dr. Merritt.  It was his depth of knowledge and his skill that, over the course of three weeks, allowed me to avoid a very scary surgery.


Needless to say, I am grateful for the care I received at Merritt Chiropractic! 


I had one other choice--to have steel rods fused to my spine for the rest of my life.  Since seeing Dr. Merritt I have had a dramatic decrease in my pain and increase in mobility.  There is little to no pain now.  For me, it was a much more logical step than a radical, permanent surgery. Chiropractic care has made me feel better.